For 130 Years, We’ve Been There For You


North American celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. Founded in 1886, North American has always stood for financial stability and protecting families. We’ve also been a proud leader in bringing innovation to the life insurance industry: in 1918, for example, we became the first insurance company to offer a disability coverage policy for women.


We’ve helped our clients through two world wars, the Great Depression and multiple recessions. Because we’re not publicly owned, we don’t need to manage our business to meet quarterly profit estimates; instead, we focus on the long term – just like our clients do. Our strong reputation and industry ratings are a testament to the hard work of our dedicated employees.


We know that people depend on us for their financial stability – and to be there for them when it counts. We’ve done it for 130 years, and we remain committed to being there for you when you need us in the future.



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