Supporting Adult Children? A College Degree May Be The Key To Financial Freedom… Yours And Theirs!


An important piece of the financial planning puzzle may require some help from your kids… by completing that college degree! More than 30% of Americans 18 to 34 live with their parents, and it stands to reason that adult children without solid incomes are more likely to live with their parents or require financial support. If you weren’t already convinced by the slew of evidence that having a college degree makes a huge difference when trying to land a good-paying job, here’s the latest confirmation: of college students in the class of 2016 who already have landed a job, 72% said the new job requires a college degree in their field of study. While it’s natural to want to help your children no matter how old they are, providing financial support well into your child’s adulthood could impact your own retirement savings. Encouraging your kids to graduate from college is a key component of financial planning for yourself and for them.


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