5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Activities on a Budget

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When the weather warms up so does your desire to participate in outdoor activities. Summer means festivals, barbecues, sightseeing and a variety of fun activities. There are so many things to do in the summer season that you can easily find yourself spending a lot of money. Here are some great tips to enjoy summer without emptying your wallet.

Enjoy Free Local Events

Your town probably has free festivals and other events happening this summer. Museums, libraries and parks all scheduled activities when the weather is nice. You can also take a trip to a nearby town that you have never been to. Convention and visitor bureau websites will have information about free summer events and other attractions.

Save Money on Paid Events

If there are some events around town that you’d like to go to, you can save a buck or two by always searching online for coupons and other deals. Many places will also offer discounted, two-for-one deals or free-to-the-public days. These events generally only occur a couple times a season to encourage greater attendance. You should also consider purchasing a family membership at a museum to save on repeated admission costs if an attraction merits multiple visits. Avoid the gift shop when you visit a place like an amusement park or museum. Buying extras can double or triple the cost of your trip.

Save on Sports and Recreation

When summer hits there will be no shortage of organized and recreation leagues. But many of these leagues often require fees or other related costs. Make sure to look for leagues run by community centers and schools because they typically offer more reasonable costs. Listings at your community center or local library are a good place to start. If you are a parent looking to get your kids involved in sports, try finding another parent who can share the time and expense to drive kids to their activities. You can also save money by participating in activities with low equipment costs, such as basketball instead of football.

Shop Around for Summer Lessons

This summer you may want to take classes for swimming, guitar, painting or classes like Yoga. There are many courses offered through companies, community centers and gyms in your area. Make sure to research them to get the best prices or perhaps discounted rates for new students. Check your local library and community center for low-cost lessons. Many associations and community leagues offer free courses for members. You can also consider alternative methods of instruction – try contacting a local teachers’ association for a list of teaching freelancers, who offer services in summer. You can also possibly hire a college student for a lower cost than a professional. If you have friends or family members who might be interested in taking the same classes as you, try inquiring about group deals.

Host Weekly Dinners with Friends

Talk to your friends about organizing dinner get-togethers. Take turns hosting a fun night of food and socializing indoors or outside for a barbecue. You can even add theme nights or game nights to the festivities. If you have 4 hosts and do this weekly you’d be getting a free dinner three days a month, and have a great time with some of your favorite people.


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