3 Insurance Tips for Protecting Young Travelers in Summer

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Traveling comes with risks, especially for your young adults who are on the road this summer. Insurance can help protect them against any unexpected problems and costs they might face when they are vacationing with friends or just traveling to and from school.

Safeguard Personal Belongings

Thieves and pickpockets often target young adults and students. If your young traveler has his or her belongings stolen they can be stranded in an unfamiliar place. If their credit cards and ID are stolen they can become victims of identity theft or fraud. Consider identity theft insurance to protect from unauthorized charges. Renters insurance is another option to protect against damages and losses of many personal belongings in a residence. Many renter’s insurance policies are transferable, so check your policies to see how the coverage works.

 Obtain Medical Coverage

Health insurance can cover potential medical costs when traveling, such as emergency room visits, prescription drugs and even medical evacuation under some plans. Short-term health insurance can be a good option that provides coverage for the exact number of days your young traveler is gone.

 Protect Against Financial Risks

If your young traveler misses a flight or gets sick, rescheduling a trip can be expensive. Travel insurance is a good idea because it can help cover any financial risks and may even provide travel assistance and baggage protection. It can also help cover any medical expenses that may be needed. Consider speaking with an agent to find the right plan.


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