6 Tips for Protecting Financial Records from Cyberattacks

how to keep your financial information protected from syberattacks

Some of the biggest cyberattacks and data breaches happen in summer when office staff is on vacation. It’s vital that you protect your important records, such as tax and insurance information, when you’re away from work and enjoying the warm weather. To keep your records safe, we offer tips for protecting financial info from cyberattacks.

Keep Unauthorized Users at Bay

Control who accesses computers. Only trusted IT staff and key personnel should have administrative privileges. Laptops should be locked away to prevent theft.

 Protect Accounts with Multifactor Identification

An authentication that requires additional information beyond a password is a good idea. Personal question to help determine your identity help protect sensitive information and personally identifiable data. Additionally, change your passwords often.

Secure Mobile Devices

To safeguard confidential information and prevent unauthorized access to corporate networks, mobile devices should be password protected. Also, there are security apps that you can use to prevent information theft if a phone is on a public network.

Should your phone ever be at risk of being stolen, make sure you have taken the right steps to keep confidential information locked.

Prevent Spyware and Virus Attacks

All computers should be equipped with antispyware and antivirus software, and be updated regularly. It’s a good idea to configure all software to install updates automatically.

Safeguard Your Networks

Hide and secure your Wi-Fi network by setting it up the network name isn’t broadcast. Protect access to the router with a password. Use a firewall to safeguard and encrypt information.

Backup Files

All critical documents should be backed up on a regular basis. Set an automatic backup process and store copies of your files on the cloud or offsite.

As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you feel that some of your records are not properly secure, try some of these steps to protect from cyberattacks. If you liked our tips for protecting financial info from cyberattacks and you are interested in staying protected while you are on vacation, check out our post on how insurance can keep you protected while traveling.


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