6 Ways to Enjoy an Inexpensive Valentine’s Day

6 Ways to Enjoy an Inexpensive Valentine’s Day

Celebrating love on February 14 can be an expensive outing. Investopedia estimated that consumers spent $18.2 billion on flowers, chocolate, and other gifts and activities for Valentine’s Day in 2017. While you can’t put a price on love, it’s not a bad idea to be a bit creative on this day to save some cash. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget without having to sacrifice on the quality of spending the holiday with your special someone, read up on some of these simple ways to enjoy an inexpensive Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate on a Different Day

You don’t have to celebrate on February 14th. Instead, plan a date a week later to avoid crowds and dine at a great restaurant for less money.

Create Your Own Valentine

Making your own Valentine won’t cost you anything and it’s a personal gesture. Your loved one will likely treasure something handmade more than a store-bought card. There are a variety of ways to make your own valentine.

  • Craft a card with materials you might have in your house – lace, dried flowers, twigs, felt, construction paper, beads, playing cards that have hearts on them, etc.
  • Write a love letter or poem.
  • Draw a romantic picture.

If you aren’t artistic or crafty, you can find many printable cards online that can be made at home. Do a Google search or check out Pinterest for ideas. Sites like BlueMountain.com offer free animated valentines that you can send via email.

Gift Something Different

Try purchasing something inexpensive that your partner will really enjoy, like that novel she’s been eyeing at the bookstore. There’s no reason you have to stick with conventional Valentine’s Day gifts, especially when they will cost you a lot more.

Bake Something Special

Instead of spending a lot of money on store-bought treats, try baking or a cake for your loved one. Putting in that extra effort will score you big points! Find a ton of great Valentine’s Day recipes online with a quick search.

Hit the Town on the Cheap

There are a variety of cheaper alternatives to celebrating Valentine’s Day at a four-star restaurant. Plan an inexpensive date like a trip to an art or photography museum, which usually offers free admission or entry for a modest fee. Visit a coffee shop afterward and enjoy each other’s company over drinks. You can also take a walk, hike, or plan a picnic at a park if the weather cooperates.

Spend Time at Home

Save money by staying in and making a meal together. Eat by candlelight, then cuddle up on the couch for an evening of romantic movies. You could also spend the night playing board games, or putting together a puzzle or LEGO set.


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