Throwing a Cheap Halloween Party


You love hosting Halloween parties, but you hate spending money on them. Fear not, for we have some ideas to make your Halloween bash a blast and save a few bucks.

Evite Your Friends and Family

There is no need to spend money on paper invitations and stamps. Just invite your guests digitally through Facebook Events or Evite. Not only will the invitations cost you nothing, you’ll instantly know who can or cannot attend your party.

Pick Up Supplies at the Dollar Store

A good Halloween party typically includes food, and that means you’ll need some supplies like tablecloths, plasticware, plates, napkins, cups, etc. Take a trip to the local dollar store to get what you need for less. Dollar stores may also have cheap Halloween candy and decorations as well.

DIY Decorations

cheap halloween party idea is diy decorations.

There are some fantastic decorations in stores, but they will likely cost you quite a bit of cash. Resist the urge to overspend and pick up less expensive items to help you craft your own décor. 

One suggestion is to buy a cheap Bluetooth speaker, and place it outside under a bush. You can find many creepy sounds for free online, or stream one of Pandora’s free Halloween stations on your phone to set the mood.

Another idea is to switch your outdoor and indoor lights with red, orange, or green bulbs. Colored lights will instantly make any space creepier. You can buy a set of colored light bulbs for under $10 at a store like Target, or check the dollar store to see if they have bulbs for less.

Exchange Costumes with Friends

borrow costumes to make your halloween part cheap

You can save yourself some money by electing not to buy a new Halloween costume. Instead, ask a friend to borrow one of his or her old outfits. Try organizing a costume swap. Set up a time and place where everyone can bring their old threads and do an exchange. You can even mix and match clothing and props to make entirely new costumes. Customize your secondhand costume with additional accessories found at the dollar store.

Get Your Friends to Help Entertain

While you’re hanging out with your friends at the costume swap, ask them if they might be interested in helping with the party entertainment. Maybe your friend is a DJ who would be willing to spin scary music. Got a pal who does theater? Ask her to act out some scary Halloween tales or tell stories. Your buddy spins fire? Request him to do a performance at your shindig. Your friends and family may have talents that can make your Halloween party extra special, and they won’t charge you. Save money by reaching out to them.

Make Your Party a Potluck

brooke-lark-200721-unsplash (1)

The cost of food and drinks for a party will likely be your biggest expense. Cut costs by hosting a potluck, and having everyone bring one dish to the event. Feel free to create a suggested menu and assign dishes. Here are some Halloween cuisine suggestions from 

Candy Isn’t Your Only Option


It’s Halloween, so you’re going to need to offer a treat to the kids knocking on your door, as well as your party guests. Instead of buying small bags of candy at the grocery, go bulk shopping at a big-box store, like Sam’s Club or Costco. If bulk candy is too expensive, consider alternative options to sugary snacks, like buying cheap spooky trinkets at the dollar store. Glow sticks, stickers, and bubbles make for great party favors and gifts for trick-or-treaters. If you feel you need to offer a food item, consider making homemade cookies, or popcorn that you can put into small bags.

Choose One Drink to Serve

Offering a full bar at your party is a good way to throw your money away. Select one themed cocktail instead of offering multiple beverages. You can find some great cocktail  recipes for Halloween here: 25 Halloween Cocktail Recipes & Ideas

If you are hesitant to offer a single beverage, ask your friends to bring their own drinks. This is a great way to add alcoholic variety at no cost.

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