How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

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Holiday meals are a tradition for many families and we all look forward to them. But unfortunately, many of us also end up putting on a few extra pounds on Turkey Day. If you’re looking to eat a little healthier this Thanksgiving, here are 6 suggestions:

Keep a Food Diary

Before Turkey Day, write down what you eat each day and how many calories you are consuming in a food diary. There are a variety of apps available that can also help you keep track, like My Fitness Pal. Tracking what you eat will help you stay committed to your goal, especially during the holidays.



Get in the habit of exercising before the holidays. Start with just a 10 to15 workout a day to help maintain your fitness. When Turkey Day does come, fight the urge to nap after the big meal and exercise instead. Go for a walk, or play a game of basketball or flag football with the kids to work off that turkey!

Don’t Skip Breakfast


On Thanksgiving Day, many people will skip breakfast to save room for the big meal. Don’t do that. Eat breakfast to prevent overeating later in the day. You’ll still be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving favorites, but you’ll get full faster if you’ve eaten earlier.

Stay Away from Snacks

During the holidays, snack foods will likely be out and available at all times. Nuts, chips, candies and more may tempt you at every turn. Be conscious of their evil and keep them at an arm’s length away, or simply avoid the rooms they’re in.

Manage How Much You Eat


People who make their food choices all at once will eat less than those who refill their plates when new dishes are passed around. Wait for all the food to be on the table, then try and take a sensible portion, so you don’t end up eating too much. You can accomplish this by using a smaller plate. Use a salad or dessert plate instead of a dinner plate so you take less. When you are selecting food, look to fill your plate with lower calorie items, such as vegetable dishes, salad, and lean meats.

Bring A Meal

One of the best ways to eat healthy on Thanksgiving is to make a healthy dish and bring it to the party. Try these suggestions from for healthier options

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