Exercising With a Significant Other

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You may be thinking of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner by going out to a fancy restaurant or gifting chocolate and flowers. But there’s another way to get your love’s heart pumping – work out together! Working out together on Valentine’s Day is a great way to make a connection with your partner and, of course, it’s great for your physical health. Exercising together will also help you both.

Share Accountability

Getting in shape take a lot of motivation and hard work. Let your significant other lend a hand.

When you only have to answer to yourself, it’s difficult to get motivated for a workout. Having a partner by your side will help get you to the gym and keep you accountable. You’ll also be doing the same for him or her. Studies show that couples stick to their exercise plan when they share the goal of getting healthy and prioritizing fitness. Motivating, encouraging and inspiring each other to workout will make you feel more positive about your relationship.

Make Quality Time with Your Partner

Exercising with your partner means that you get to spend time together doing something that's good for you both.

It isn’t always easy to carve out time to spend with your partner. Going on date nights is a great idea, but finding the time isn’t always possible when your job, family, and life, in general, get in the way. Exercising together can give you more consistent, built-in quality time. If you and your significant other already have workouts scheduled separately, why not make it a team effort?

Experience Something New Together

Try taking a fitness class together, jog together, or go to the gym and try new exercise equipment together. The experience can help bring you closer and make you both feel better. New experiences activate dopamine – a feel-good chemical in your brain. When you experience something with your partner, your brain will link that feeling with him or her.

Take Advantage of Valentine’s Day Fitness Specials

There are plenty of fitness specials out there for couples, save a bit while you get fit.

Gyms will often offer promotions at the beginning of the year to encourage people to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. Many fitness centers will also offer deals if you bring along a significant other or a friend with you. They may even have specials for Valentine’s Day like couples-themed classes. Check for local specials in your area by visiting gym websites.

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