How to Save Money in Spring

How to save money during the spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time to think about ways to save money as the temperature rises. Spring activities can be costly, but having fun in the sun doesn’t have to bust your budget if you make an effort to keep a budget. Here are some suggestions for saving money this season.

Make Repairs to Your Home

Spring is the perfect time to fix problems with your house like roof, door and window leaks, or to make improvements like adding insulation to the attic which stops the flow of heat and air through your house. Making these types of upgrades will reduce your energy use, which will save you money.

Reduce Energy Costs

Your heater probably worked overtime in winter. Now that the warm weather is here, the thermostat can be turned off. Switching it to off will save you quite a bit of money each month. Keep energy costs even lower by opening up the windows in your home to let in the natural light of the sun and get some fresh air.

Save with Spring Sales

The start of spring is a good time to look for discounts on winter items. Retailers will be looking to unload old merchandise to make room for spring clothes. Shop for deep discounts on coats, boots, mittens, sweaters, hats, and scarves. If you like winter sports, you’ll likely find price reductions on skis and snowboards too!

Make a Few Bucks by Selling Stuff

Spring is a great time to clean out your house and get rid of unwanted or unneeded stuff. Consider setting up a garage sale or sell your goods online to make money. Usually, you just post a photograph and description of each item, set a price, and meet your customers to make the sale. Listing and selling on these platforms are free. Just make sure you take all safety precautions if you do plan to meet in person.

Cut Out the Gym Costs

If you have a gym membership, you might want to consider canceling it this spring and take advantage of the warm weather. Go running, take walks or dust off your bicycle. Pump up your basketball and shoot hoops at a park, or get friends together to play volleyball or softball. The money you save from canceling your membership can be used to help pay down your credit card balance or you can put the money aside for another goal.

Be Smart About Your Tax Refund

When you get a tax refund it’s tempting to spend the money on shiny, new things. But if you want to save money this spring, think about saving the extra funds for a big goal such as a summer vacation or retirement. You may also consider applying the extra funds to any debt you have on student loans or credit cards. Place most of the refund on your highest interest card, so you’ll have an easier time paying off multiple cards when the interest isn’t compounding onto the balance. If you do this every spring you’ll see your credit-card debt drop significantly. This will save you money in the long run. The faster you pay off debt, the less interest you have to pay.

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