Volunteers band together for the greater good, proving that no matter your age, you can make a difference.

5 Benefits of Volunteering When You Retire

Now that you’re retired, you can finally do all the things you didn’t have time for when you were busy with a career. But once you’ve scheduled time for traveling, taking up a long-desired hobby or just spending more time with the grand kids, you may still find there’s a bit of a void to fill. Many seniors choose to use the extra time they have to volunteer.

Don’t Let Winter Give You the Fitness Blues

Most of us are hesitant to exercise in Winter. Who wants to bundle up and go for a run on potentially slippery sidewalks? Who wants to warm up the car and brush off snow in the morning to make that early yoga class? But despite these obstacles, it’s important to try and get your body moving during these cold, dark months. Here are a few fun ways to help motivate you to embrace the season and rekindle your love of fitness.